Monday, July 21, 2014

Waterpark, Soapy, Blueberry Swirl

Today I went to Seven Peaks Waterpark. Let me reiterate the "I" part. As in I didn't take my kids. I went with two of my sisters, my sister's step kids and her husband. Guys, this is the way to do a waterpark. Leave the kids at home. We had the greatest time. No whining kids, just us falling off tubes and swearing heavily as we go down really scary slides. I don't think I will ever take my kids there. Maybe when they are teenagers and we can just have fun. I am completely serious. It was the absolute funnest.

Today I also had to send my two boys across the street with a bucket of soapy water and wash rags. They thought it would be a good idea to throw the little plums that fall off my neighbors tree at their white fence. Not a good idea afterall. Who knew?! So they got to scrub it clean. Van thought he was going to get paid. Hilarious.

My neighbor brought over two gallons of 2% milk that expire today because she is going to Hawaii and has no use for them. So I bought lots of eggs and heavy cream and I am making ice cream. Lots of ice cream. I think I will make a big master base and then add flavoring from there. Probably some blueberry swirl, milk chocolate/peanut butter and vanilla bean/cinnamon. I should rummage around my pantry and fridge and come up with a few more ideas. Maybe combine all the jars of nearly-empty jam and make some kind of fruity one. That would be dandy.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Umpire, Chai, Teeth

Today was church. Always a good day. I taught my primary babies about the importance of saying thank you and showing gratitude, something kids these days are losing touch with. It was pretty sweet to hear the things they are most thankful to Heavenly Father for is their families. And then my sweet autistic buddy said he was thankful for himself. After church, we watched "Castaway Cowboy" to commemorate the death of the total hottie, James Garner.

Things I am obsessed with right now:
   *Finding cool bumper stickers to put on my garage fridge. I got a "Keep Tahoe Blue" one because we went to Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago and I became one of those people who care about it because it's so freaking beautiful.
   *Chai tea with vanilla creamer. It's my new nightcap. Thanks Lela!
   *"Call the Midwife". Good gravy, I can't get enough.

Baseball officially ended. We have been going full steam since April. Jack's team placed 3rd in the city league tournament so we moved onto the state tournament. It was a blast. I loved it so much, especially when me and my pal Shalise got a call reversed because we pulled the rule book up on my phone and proved the umpire wrong. Baseball moms will kill you.

Anyone got a dollar bill? I need one to put in the tooth fairy jar for Van because he lost one of his front teeth. He hasn't even started kindergarten and he has lost three teeth. When my mom told me he lost his tooth, my first thought was how cute his kindergarten pics will be with a missing front tooth. SCHOOL STARTS IN ONE MONTH. Yeah, I think we have established on this blog that I am pro kids-in-school. This summer has been great and all, but I am already ready for some type of schedule and structure.

Guys, one of my kids left a red sharpie in their pocket and it leaked and got all over the kid laundry. Violet's underwear is covered in red splotches. It's like she is 4 years old and started her period. Weirds me out.

One last thing, I went to the temple by myself the other night and I just have to tell you how great it was to be in the house of the Lord. To be in the most peaceful place on earth and feel like I am in the right place so strongly. If you want to feel clarity and peace, head to the temple. Even just sitting outside can be effective.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Watermelon, Floaties and Rodeo

Right now, I have a little girl asleep next to me in the spot where her dada sleeps. She is breathing slow and steady with her pink silky blanket wrapped around her legs and she is wearing her brother's tie-dyed tshirt. Her feet are a little dirty and her pigtail braids are scraggley and fuzzy. She had a big day.

First, we piled into the car and headed down to Grandma Sue and Grandpa Jack's house to swim and we made a stop at Costco for a few swim day food essentials (Cheetos and watermelon). As she got out  of the car, I realized she was still wearing her pajamas and had no shoes. At 12:30 in the afternoon. I managed to remember to do her hair, but not get her dressed. Luckily her Saltwaters were in my purse (and dusted in red dirt from playing on the ball field at the outdoor movie last night).

When we got to Grandma and Grandpa's house, she was hesitant to get in the pool. She always is. She has spent every summer of her 4 years being afraid of swimming. She only ever gets in waist deep. Once she finally got in, I grabbed her. She screamed and screamed and attached herself to me like a baby monkey does to it's mother. She shook with fear, but I didn't let her go back to the steps. Eventually she eased, we put on her arm floaties and with some coaxing and crying, soon she was slowly letting go. It was a very big day for her and she was proud as can be.

After some swimming, Cheeto-eating and watching the VHS of "Parent Trap", we loaded up the car again and headed home. After a quick clothing change at home, we were off to the Lehi Roundup rodeo, as per summer tradition. A word about Lehi Roundup: it's our town's week-long summer festival and I love every minute of it. Every year during roundup, I become all twitterpated over Lehi and say things like "Ethan, I would be happy to live the rest of my life in south Lehi." or "I wish I was old Lehi. I am going to just tell people I am. I am going to tell people this is my 20th roundup."

We went to the rodeo and got rained on, but not soaked. My pansy Los Angeles-raised husband wanted to leave early because of the rain, but I didn't let him. I had to see some barrel racing. That's my favorite event. It's the only female event and I like seeing us girls represented. But I do have one beef with the Lehi Roundup rodeo. Why no mutton bustin'?

Now we are home, dried off from the rain and Violet is laying next to me. I have to make the job list for tomorrow so we can get this house into tip top clean shape and then we will brave the crowds over at the park for the boutique, some cotton candy and bounce houses. Later in the evening, we get to be in the mini float parade and throw neapolitan taffy at the crowds. Gosh, life is pretty dang good.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kidney infection, Snow Cones and Peanut Butter Cups

I am sick, thus I am forced to blog. I am in bed with a kidney infection. What the crap is that all about? One day I am great, footloose and fancy free. And the next day I am hobbling around like I have a bad back. I go to the doc this afternoon and he gets all mad at me for not coming in sooner. So a shot on my ample buns, a lengthy round of antibiotics and a good scolding about "you are such a beautiful woman, why would you put yourself in infection's danger?" So here I sit in bed, with some cute hot pink nail polish I bought when I got my prescription and my cranberry juice. I am supposed to drink cranberry juice, right? I think I am. I also have my laptop. Duh. What show should I watch on Netflix or Hulu?

What has been the latest in my life besides my left kidney causing a ruckus? Well, it's summer and we are enjoying it. I tell you what, it's sure nice to not have a toddler anymore. Violet is 4 and she is potty trained (I use that term very loosely) and she doesn't require naps. So we are unencumbered by the demands of a needy midget. And because of that, it's off to the pool! Off to the museum! Off to the lake! Off to get snow cones! It's quite nice. Sometimes, I get a warm and fuzzy inside thinking about how my job is to entertain these little people of mine. My job is to provide them experiences, exercise, excitement. While it is exhausting (another "ex" word), it's a blessing! I love packing my three into the back seat of my little red car. Yes, friends of us when we were just married, we still have Little Red. We bring a lunch and some sunscreen and set off to do whatever we please. Mom life is the good life. I wish more people knew that.

Other things on my mind lately:
Remember to get more Pull-Ups for Vi at night
Dealing with our front lawn. Lots of crab grass=us ripping up the whole thing and reseeding. Fun.
Trader Joe's peanut butter cups
Jack's baseball tournament schedule. Currently ranked 3rd!
Flourless chocolate cake with raspberry sauce
Summertime school work for my kids. Desperate for Jack to read more, so I pay him $3 every time he finishes a book.
My friend Jodi who is getting a divorce.
My other friend Ann who's two children have had major surgeries in the same week.
This quote: "Motherhood is the art of the being there."
Tiling the backsplash in my kitchen
Van's birthday on Thursday. SIX!
Van's friend party I need to plan. Something along the lines of water balloons, Otter Pops and pizza.
Taking my kids to the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry. We/I have become slightly obsessed with the whole mystery behind it.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Moving, Blessed and Summer

I haven't blogged since the beginning of April. And if you knew the way life has been going, you would know why. We have been busy in the best of ways. May brought lots of good stuff. A nephew getting his big cleft-closing surgery. My older sister was married and my other sister had a baby. All of these things and then we also moved, just next door. The moving part has probably been the biggest thing. And there is a story with it. And I am going to tell it. And you are going to listen.

We have lived in Lehi for 4 years now. We have been so happy here. Besides Lehi being a great place to live, our neighborhood, church group and school have allowed our children to blossom. We have felt to blessed to be where we are. Over the years, I have gone through bouts of anxiety over having to move from our cute rental home. It came in waves. I would start to get worried our homeowner was going to sell, then I wouldn't be able to sleep, then I would pray about it and then my Heavenly Father would calm my nerves and tell me that whatever happened, we would be fine. But I was always sure to tell him, "Let's hope that whatever happens doesn't take us away from where we are right now." It was not lost on Him that I didn't want to change anything.

Back in February, I woke up early, about 6:00am and had a strong impression to email the guy that owns the rental house next door and ask him about it's availability. So I did. I knew the guy from when he bought the house months earlier. I saw him out working in the yard, readying it for renters. I went over, introduced myself and he gave me his info in case some type of emergency happened with the house and the renters weren't home. I kept his info for about a year and I emailed him. We had a dialogue for a few months about us renting his house. But there was no indication that our current home was going to go on the market, but I still felt like I needed to be talking with him.

At the beginning of May, I got word that our house was going on the market when our lease was up. And because we had been such good tenants, we could get out of our lease 3 months early. And then next door, the current tenants were moving the next week. COULD GOD HAVE BLESSED US ANY MORE THAN THAT??? It was all very exciting and humbling. I completely credit all of this to my Heavenly Father. I think quite often, we don't see the blessings we get because they aren't always with fireworks and fanfare. This one was. It was right in front of my face. I knew God cared about my feelings on us moving.

So we moved right next door. It was a funny move. Just trip after trip, back and forth. But we are completely settled now. The house is a better fit for our family. Move living space and a fenced in back yard. We signed a really long lease and our homeowner is wonderful. We aren't moving schools, church groups or neighborhoods. It just doesn't get anymore blessed than this.

Anyways, we are going into summer with being in a new house, so that is fun. School gets out next week, Jack's baseball tournament starts soon, Van has soccer, Violet had her 4th birthday, Ethan's work is busy. Things are good. So good. Hopefully I blog again soon.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fritos, Soup and Flower Girl

Fritos Scoops are horrible for me. But oh how good they are. Excuse me while I grab another.

"Frozen" is on for the 2304975620934578 time. And every time "Let It Go" comes on, Violet still says, "This is my jam!"

Our pal Jack has baseball practice tonight. All of the sudden, sports got all serious for him. Practice 3 days a week and games don't start for another 3 weeks. Luckily, he loves it. Every bit of it. Ethan might have overheard some dads at the last practice saying, "Is he really only in 3rd grade? He throw the ball like a canon."

Right now, Ethan is on a stinky school bus full of hormonally-raging teenage girls and boys headed to Manti for baseball and softball games. That's like 2 1/2 hours on a bus. Screw that.

This morning at the gym, a lady who always sits by me in spin class told this story. Every week, she picks up 94 year old Sister So-And-So for church. Last Sunday, she gets in the car and the driver says, "So how have you been?" And Sister So-And-So says, "Just doin' everyone I can." And the poor old lady is as prim as can be and didn't understand the words coming out of her mouth.

Tonight, I am making chicken noodle soup. You would think that I told my kids I was giving them ice cream for dinner. They love chicken noodle. I make it probably every other week. They don't even pick the vegetables out of it. They just gobble them up. It's sort of creepy.

My sister Megan is getting married in mid-May. It's going to be a beautiful occasion. But the best part? Violet was asked to be the flower girl. Something that is every little girl's dream. Aunt Megan is buying her a beautiful blue dress and Violet wants her hair in french braid pigtails, she wants her fingernails to be pink and her toenails to be purple. Every day, she will randomly say, "Hey Mom, remember that I am the flower girl." We need to start practicing how she is going to have to walk and sprinkle petals.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Softball, Ribs and Froyo

Yesterday we went to Ethan's team's softball game (remember, he is an assistant coach to a high school softball team). A freaking good softball game. Summit Academy (us) against North Summit. We got there in the 3rd inning and the score was 13-4, us losing. But it ended in extra innings with Summit Academy winning 16-15. It was unreal. To all you people who say baseball/softball is boring, you are dead wrong. It was so intense! Ethan is loving this coaching gig. Having the girls really understand concepts to improve their game is so satisfying for him. And every girl on the team loves Violet.

Today was my dear old dad's birthday. We went to Bam Bam's BBQ in Orem and cleaned them out of ribs. It was a typical evening with my family. Passing baby Walt around, talking about the details of my sister Megan's upcoming wedding, little cousins getting mad at each other and everyone picking food off of each other's plates. I also brought along a dozen and a half Cupcake Chic cupcakes, which is never a bad thing. Side note about Megan's wedding: Violet was asked to be the flower girl. I know, every little girl's dream. Yes, Vi is THRILLED. Wedding is in May.

In the morning, we sent Ethan off to Rio Tinto Stadium to work. He is back over there this soccer season, cheffing it up. Once he was gone, we got our house chores done and got our house spic and span and then headed to a park in Alpine. I actually did my hair for the first time in 2 weeks and when we got to the park, someone was burning yard waste and it made my hair smell like smoke and now I am mad. Thanks a lot.

The other night, I went and got froyo with some ward gals and I got home at 1:30am. As I was driving home, I felt so incredibly grateful for a husband that doesn't get weird or hound me about being out with friends. I know so many women who have needy, whiny husbands. They have to be home at a certain time or they can't go anywhere at all because their husband "needs" them. Barf. Ethan would happily wave me off on a week long vacation with my friends without batting an eye. He is the best. Ethan, you hear that, you are the best. Let's be friends forever.